Disciplinary action will be taken for

Late Coming:    Irregular attendance, unjustified or unexplained absence for more than a week, habitual late coming.

Littering :     Students found throwing litter in the school premises.

Improper Attire :     Students not coming in proper school uniforms.

Improper Appearance :    Students found wearing ear studs, hair-clips, wrist bands and other dress code violation.

Defiance :     Students refuses to allow adult directions or class room / school rules, talks back or exhibits socially rude behavior.

Cheating / Forgery :      Cheating : Violates rules or regulations. Forgery : Signing another by telling untruth.

Fighting :     Students fights with or otherwise intentionally causes injury to another.

Harassment :    Student engages in behaviors that threaten, intimidate, demean, embarrass or ridicule a student or staff member.

Abusive Language :    Student delivers verbal messages to another person that includes swearing, name calling or use of words in an inappropriate way.

Misuse if Electronic :     Students bring banned, Electronic Gadgets like Cell Device phone, Music / Video Players, Camera or Laptops.

Possession Of :    Students is in possession of knives or guns Dangerous Objects (real or lookalike) or other objects readily capable of causing bodily harm.

Property Damage :     Student engages in behavior that results in destruction Vandalism or disfigurement of property belonging to student, staff or school.

Theft :     Students in possession of having passes on or being responsible for removing someone else’s property.