The Principal can in the interest of the school, and without assigning any reason, ask a parent to remove a pupil, should the pupil’s conduct, behavior or influence in the Principal’s opinion, be in any way detrimental to the good name and smooth running of the school.

1. Pupils must be in school till the last working day and return after holidays on the re-opening day failing which a fine of Rs 15/- per day will be levied.

2. All pupils must be regular in attendance and late comers will be fined Rs 5/- per day / sent home. The school gates will close at 08:30AM, there after the school will not be responsible for any late comers.

3. A pupil coming to school with nits or lice in his / her hair will be given two warnings after which the child will be given a crew cut in the school and charged for the same.

4. Pupils suffering from infectious diseases or those who have been exposed to such diseases in their homes must complete the quarantine period before rejoining school. After recover, a Fitness Certificate by a doctor must be produced.

5. Students using abusive language or behaving in a boisterous manner will be punished / asked to leave the school.

6. Pupils are expected to be honest and respect the right of others. They are not supposed to take away books or other articles which do not belong to them.

7. School Property willfully damaged or destroyed must be restored. The cost of repair will be borne by the pupils concerned.

8. Watches worn from STD V onwards with black straps. No fluorescent flashy dials, no digital calculators or alarms in the watches.

9. Any books, periodical magazines, comics or pictures of any kind not approved by the school will be confiscated.

10. Children must come in clean uniforms and those who do not come in proper school uniforms will be punished / sent home. Any pupil shabbily /untidily dressed will be sent home. Special attention must be paid to the hair.

11. Girls are expected to come with their hair neatly combed, plaited and tied if long, with black ribbons only. Hair should not fall over the fore-head. No jewellery should be worn with the school uniform.

12. Boys must have a proper hair cut regularly. If not they will be given a hair cut in the school and charged and sent home.

13. Expensive articles should not be brought to the school. The school will not be responsible, if they are lost.