Examination rules and regulations

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1. parent are requested tom attande the open day to check and sign the report. If the student fails in average performance In any subject of the year she/he have to appeares for retest till she/he clear that particular subject.
2. No reports will be issued to parents until all dues have been cleared.
3. No student will be allowed to take final examination if he / she fails to submit legal documents to the school office especially the transfer certificate.
4. Other than late admission a pupil is expected to take all the exams.
5. Passing marks in each subject is 35%.
6. Promotion from one standard to another shall be made at the end of the school year taking into consideration the marks obtained throughtout the year.
7. Promotion to higher standard will be made on the final result obtained by computing the average of the unit and terminal examinations, including final Examination.