• Our Vision:

    Surrounded by nature, supported by love, we work and grow in community that our lives may contribute to a more just, peace-filled and hopeful world.

    Under the care of the VVM English Medium School, the school primarily serves local communities by educating children of families who value an education.  Our small school welcomes diversity. We educate the whole person, nurturing each student’s spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative potential. We endeavor to transform the lives of young people, that they may seek truth with curiosity and awe, and care for and honor all people and the earth.

  • Our Mission:

    Each child is a unique individual who possesses inherent potential of different types. Our objective is to identify, tap and develop this potential. To do so, we have to ensure that the child not only learns well, but also learns happily and, in the process, develops into a confident, complete person.

    Our philosophy is realised through the personal attention we extend to each child and our encouragement of open lines of communication between students and faculty.