Admission Shedule will be declaired online before 1 month of every year admission process.



Our Pre-kindergarten (age 3-4), Kindergarten (age 4-5), and Preprimary (age 5-7) emphasize bilingual skills, self-directed activities and cooperative learning. We recognize the need for physical and social development through lots of play, stories and music. Children learn to resolve conflicts though modeling, role-playing and meeting to talk at the Peace Table. Our kinder staff consists of three teachers who are fluent Spanish speakers, one of whom is the lead teacher and also a native English speaker. Pre-K and Kinder children spend only mornings at school, with the school day ending at 12pm. Pre-K students come three days a week, while students in Kindergarten and Prepa come every day. Prepa students stay until 1:30pm three days a week.

Primary School (Grades 1-7):

Our Pre-kindergarten Primary school at VVM is lively and hands on. Children begin reading and writing in their language and then are encouraged to use their second language in these areas. A main classroom teacher has the children two-thirds of each day, teaching language arts, social studies, science and math principally in English. Mixed grades provide opportunities for students to support each other and they strengthen our sense of community. The school’s commitment to helping people find peaceful solutions to conflict begins with our youngest children in workshops, class meetings and town meetings.

Documents Required for Admission:

Attested Photocopy of the following documents to be submitted at the time of Registration.

Final admission is subject to verification of the following documents in original.

1. Birth Certificate issued by the MCD
2. Proof of residence (Passport/ Driving License/ MTNL Bill/ Electoral Card)
3. In case of sibling, a copy of fee bill issued by the school office for the academic year 2019-20.
4. In case of Alumni, a copy of class XII pass certificate of parent(s) issued by the CBSE.
5. Affidavit of only child of the parent(s).
6. Certificate regarding transferable job from the employer is to be submitted for the year 2019-20.
7. Immunization chart of the child and Medical Fitness Certificate.